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St. Paul Jubilee Private Tour
11 Days/10 Nights Land Tour

Day 01
Arrive in Athens El Venizelos airport. After the customs control you will meet with our representative, to start our tour in Ancient Greece. Depart with a private car to the North of Greece Macedonian. On the way we will stop for lunch and continue to Thessalonica. When we arrive in Thessalonica in the evening we will drive around the Old City Walls where you can take excellent pictures. We will visit the St. George Church, the Galerius Arch, built in before 305 AD. Visit the Basilica St. Demetrius where saint was imprisoned and tortured and buried. Continue to visit the Church of Aghioi Apostoloi. We will complete this tour drive by the White Tower, the Triumphal Arch of Galerius standing on the Egnatian Way, the Rotunda. Transfer to your hotel. Overnight is in Thessalonica. (L, D)

Day 02
After breakfast depart to visit the Vlatadon Monastery. The Monastery was founded at 1360 by the Vlatades brothers, Dorotheos and Markos, members of the intellectual circle around metropolitan of Thessaloniki , Grigorios Palamas, later rose to sainthood. Continue to Vergina, identified as Aegae-where St. Paul and St. Silas left after being accused by Jewish community also the first capital of the Macedonians. You will see 4th century B.C. architecture, sculpture, painting, metalwork and jewelry. You will see more in Thessalonica Museum. Continue to Vergia, is built on the mountain of Vermio. You will see the ruins of ancient walls of city, the Jewish District Mparmpouta, the Graphic Old Market and the Macedonian Grave. We will visit the Archaeological Museum. Overnight is in Thessalonica. (B, L, D)

Day 03
After breakfast depart to visit Kavala, Monastery, Palia Kavala, Krioneri, Korifes and Stavros. You will see nearby tobacco producing villages of Krinides and Philipi. You will also visit remains of two Early Christian basilicas, Traces via Egnatia, the Grand Forum, the Acropolis, and the Theater. Along with via Egnatia the site of ancient Neapolis and Philippi (Acts 16:12-40, Phil). The Battle of Philippi in 42 B.C., fought between Octavian and mark Antony on the one hand, and the republicans Cassius and Brutus on the other. The event and place are described by William Shakespeare in his play “Julius Caesar”. The defeat of Cassius and Brutus marked the end of Roman democracy. In 49/50 A.D. the Apostole Paul came to Philippi from Asia Minor and founded the first Christian Church in Europe . Here we see Lydia from Thyatira (Rev.2:18-29 and Acts.16:14-15) who became first convert. Lunch is in a local restaurant. Return to Thessalonica for overnight. (B, L, D)

Day 04
After breakfast depart to visit Kalambaka. Visit the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary that is at the NE part of the city. Visit the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus the Great Meteoro. At the above Holy Monastery are the chapels of the Mother of God (Virgin Mary of the Meteorite Stone), of Holy Baptist, of Saint Nektarios. The Holy Monastery of Varlaam is opposite site of the great Meteoro. Overnight is in Kalambaka. (B, L, D)

Day 05
TAfter breakfast depart to visit Delphi. Visit the Archaeological Site of Delphi . The functions of the Oracle of Delphi grew over the centuries to include athletic games and cultural events and Delphic festivals, the most important one was the Pythian Games which were held every four years in memory of Apollo’s slaying of the Python Dragon. We will visit the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Theater, the Stadium, the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with the Tholos, the Kastalia Spring, and the various treasures that adorn the sacred way. The Archaeological Museum contains Greek artifacts. Overnight is in Delphi . (B, L, D)

Day 06
After breakfast depart to visit Ossios Loukas Monastery. East of Arachova lays Distomo, a town with important archaeological finds and an interesting Museum. Byzantine Monastery of Ossios Loukas, whose 11th century mosaics and frescoes are among the finest in Greece . We will continue to Ancient Corinth, where Apostle Paul lived and preached. St. Paul ’s beloved city and site of his most extensive ministry. We will see the bema (the judgment seat) where St. Paul stood before Galilo and preached (Acts 18). Corinth was one of the largest cities in Greece and one of the richest in the world. Atop the Acropolis, 1500 feet above Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. St. Paul spent 18 months here in Corinth , working as a tentmaker and preaching to the Jews and Gentiles. We will return to Athens via the Saronic Gulf . Overnight is in Athens . (B, L, D)

Day 07
After breakfast we will start the tour with Athens (Acts 17:16-34) exploring the city. Acropolis with Parthenon the greatest monument of antiquity, dedicated to the Goddess Athena, Erechtheum with the six Caryatids and view Areopagos (Hill of Ares) visited by Pope John Paul II it is the same hill where St. Paul gave his famous sermon of “Unknown God”. We will also visit the Ancient Agora. We will transfer you to Piraeus Port to depart to Patmos Island . Overnight is on board in 2bed inside cabin. (B, L, D)

Day 08
Arrive in Patmos early in the morning. Transfer to your hotel. At 11.00 AM start the tour to visit the Holy Cave. We will also visit the Chapels of St. Nicholas and St. Artemios, as well as St. Anne. Overnight is in Patmos . (B, L, D)

Day 09
After breakfast we will start our tour with Tour around the island of Patmos . In ancient times Patmos rested at the bottom of the sea. It was only visible when Selene the Moon Goddess would shine over it. We will visit the Museum of Monastery and Great Temple of Artemis. After lunch we will transfer you to Patmos port to return to Piraeus port. Overnight is on board. (B, L, D)

Day 10
Early arrival in Piraeus port. Start all day tour with Catholic Cathedral of St. Dionysius. We will also visit the National Museum. It is the most important archaeological museum in Greece . Return to your hotel. Overnight is in Athens . (B, L, D)

Day 11
After breakfast transfer to El Venizelos airport to return home. (B)


• Hotel accommodations in 4* hotels with breakfast.
• All transportation by a private car with an English speaking driver.
• All tours are private tours as per itinerary.
• English speaking tour guide throughout.
• Entrance fees to sites and museums.
• Ferry tickets Piraeus-Patmos-Piraeus in double bed inside cabin.
• Tolls & hotel taxes.
• Portage at hotels & restaurants.
• Travel documents and maps.
• A Complimentary flight bag from Aegean Tours, Inc.,

• All drinks.
• Tips to guide and driver.


MAR 16/08-OCT 31/08

PERSONS Double Single
2 $9,595 $640
3 $7,320 $640
4 $6,205 $640
5 $5,535 $640
6 $5,095 $640
7 $4,775 $640

APR 01/08-OCT 31/08

PERSONS Double Single
2 $10,300 $705
3 $7,875 $705
4 $6,660 $705
5 $5,935 $705
6 $5,450 $705
7 $5,105 $705